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About Escape Quest Dubai

The Escape Quest experience brings you a fun packed 60 minutes where your group will be locked in a strange place and your only mission is to escape. You need to search every inch possible to find the clues, crack the codes and solve the secrets which will ultimately lead to your escape. This is a real life, mind boggling, brain teaser not to be missed.

What is Included (for free)

You have 60 minutes to escape, you need to search every inch, hunt for clues, crack codes and don’t accept objects for their first appearance.

Other Packages & Services

2 Players Escape AED 280, AED 140 per person( 140.0 AED )

Group Option: Group programs for up to 25 people available.( AED )

5 Players Escape AED 600, AED 120 per person( 120.0 AED )

4 Players Escape AED 480, AED 120 per person( 120.0 AED )

3 Players Escape AED 360, AED 120 per person( 120.0 AED )

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Rules & Notices

- For groups of 2-5 people, it’s just you and your team and you must work together. Escape is your only concern and success cannot be yours alone.
- Prices:
2 players Escape - AED 280, AED140 Per person.
3 players Escape - AED 360, AED120 Per person.
4 players Escape - AED 480, AED120 Per person.
5 players Escape - AED 600, AED120 Per person.
- Their escapes run at various times throughout the day with the first game at 10am and the last at 10pm depending on the day.
- Prior booking is required.
- For bookings within 2 hours, you have to call first.
- Escape Quest Control can help out but otherwise you are on your own.
- The games are recommended for anyone aged 12 and over however, under 16s will need to be accompanied by at least one adult for each game.
- Their escapes are enjoyed by everyone whether friends, family or colleagues and they do not require any specific language. Although some clues from Escape Quest Control may be given in English.
- Escape Quest Control is always on hand for emergencies and you will always be able to exit the room by yourself. It is also possible to play and enjoy the escape game without the room being locked.
- They have two rooms with the same escape game so you can go head to head with another team, just book these two rooms for the same date and time and let the competition begin.
- Please remember to arrive 15 minutes before your booked time slot for your Escape Quest briefing.
- You don’t need to wear anything special however we would recommend those high heeled shoes are left at home.
- They are situated in one of the quieter clusters of Jumeirah Lakes Towers and there is plenty of outside parking available. It is recommended to park at the road level of Cluster M on the right and left hand side car parks before the ramp up to the buildings, there is always plenty of space here. There is also valet parking available during normal office hours at a cost of AED20 per hour.

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