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About Brain Game - لعبة الدماغ

The Brain Game offers the maximum amazing concept regarding alternative amusement and escape rooms . The players have 60 minutes to escape from rooms full of riddles and puzzles that they have got to solve. Rooms with fascinating scenarios that take you to another place , with fine decoration , paying attention to the details , because the details make the difference. by traveling in Asia and Europe , brain game offers something realistic and meticulous we have ever seen . It combines plausibility and imagination . It combines reality with a fairy tale. Even from the entrance of the building you could feel the unique atmosphere . You need observation , speed and team spirit .

What is Included (for free)

60 minutes of extreme fun trying to escape the puzzling brain challenging room.

Other Packages & Services

The Museum( 110.0 AED )

Orient Express( 110.0 AED )

Around the world in 60 minutes( 110.0 AED )

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Rules & Notices

- Opening Hours: Sat - Wed: 10:00am - 10:00pm Thu & Fri: 11:00am - 11:00pm.
- Family rate (50% discount for kids 10-15).
- You are a team and for that reason you have to communicate with each other and also co-operate.
- Being observative is one of the most important principle. Search everywhere, even in places that seem empty and of no meaning.
- By having only 60 minutes at your disposal, you have to deal with time wisely and don’t waste your time looking for nothing.
- Imagination is your ally. Nothing is placed by accident inside the room. Try to combine clues and imagine how you can use them at your benefit.
- The scenario is what we call linear. One clue leads you one step beyond.
- In no case should you panic. But even if that happens , there is a panic button in all rooms. if this panic button is pressed, the game stops and you can get out of the room immediately.
- Throughout the entire duration of the game, you have a friend outside the room. That friend is the game master. He will help you when you ask him to. You have to use his hints cleverly, so that the meaning of his presence really matters.
- Playing means having fun. So just have fun with your friends and forget all the rest.
- Each member of the team has different potentials. Let’s anyone do what he/she is good at.
- Use every part of your brain. Be smart, resourceful and use combined thinking. The solution is before your eyes.

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