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About Brainscape Games

Brainscape Games, a live escape gaming centre, is located in Dubai’s premier commercial and social hub, Business Bay. Brainscape Games give a platform to team members to apply their minds and sharpen their lateral thinking skills, with a streak of fun and thrill, while playing live escape games.

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What is Included (for free)


60 minutes of Guaranteed fun with a challenging escape game

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Rules & Notices

- Practically anyone above the age of 10 can play these games irrespective of gender. However, we have experienced that children even as young as 8 can fairly contribute to the game.
- A group of kids under 16 needs to be accompanied with an adult unless they have booked for a birthday party event in which case we shall make room arrangements accordingly.
- Combination of different age groups like grandparents along with grandchild can also be played with just as much fun as same age groups. In fact higher the diversity, better the outcome and fun for all.
- The game ends exactly at 60 minutes from the time the door clicks shut behind you. However please give yourself 15 mins before and 10 mins after the game.
- Our friendly Game Masters specially assigned for your group will be watching your game through the CCTV cams. They will provide you with clues to move forward.
- Our prices start from AED 105 per person and vary according to the number of people and day of the week.
- Since the slot allotted to your group will be reserved for you, they do not encourage cancellations or refunds.

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