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About Adventureland - ادفنشر لاند الشارقه

Adventureland (الشارقة ادفنشر لاند) is one of the lead and most established indoor theme parks in the UAE has gone all out as it opened a newly expanded facility in September 2014. Now in its 14th year as a lead entertainment player in the region.
Adventureland comes out with a re-energized jungle theme ‘IT’S A JUNGLE IN HERE!’ as it features NEW, FIRST TIME THRILLS in the region such as the first MOTOCOASTER, 2- LEVEL GO KARTS, CRAZY SWING, 4- LEVEL SOFT PLAY FACILITY, among other new attractions.
Only Adventureland showcases 3 roller coasters and other outdoor thrills indoors -- surely a unique family entertainment experience that’s sure to thrill young and old alike.

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What is Included (for free)

2 hours of Adventureland fun

Other Packages & Services

School Tours (minimum of 20 students)( AED )

Corporate Tours( AED )

Go Wild Party Package( 100.0 AED )

Safari Adventure Party Package( 85.0 AED )

Jungle Kids Party Package( 75.0 AED )

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Rules & Notices

- Opening hours: Sunday – Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM - Thursday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 12:PM.
- All game machines and rides are equipped with an electronic game card called the ADVENTURE CARD. You would need to load the card with ride & game credits to enjoy the facilities in Adventureland.
- Adventureland card is rechargeable and reusable. All credits and tickets in the card have at least six (6)-month validity from last activity.
- Ride prices range from 15 AED to 25 AED.
- For your children's safety, kindly make sure to read the ride instructions before you go on any ride.
- We have a new and bigger soft play facility, with play areas for both small and bigger kids. We also have a mezzanine play area for small toddlers where parents may stay with their kids for an unlimited time.
- Guest must comply with the safety regulations to be allowed to ride.
- Follow all the height and weight restrictions Keep safety seatbelts, lap bars, and other restraints securely.
- Fastened at all times when inside a ride.
- Keep hands and feet inside the rides at all times.
- Children must be supervised by an adult or guardian at all times.
- Guest with the following medical conditions are not allowed in any of the rides: Poor health Heart Ailments Pregnant / Expectant mothers.
-The following are not allowed on the rides: Smoking, Food and Drinks, Carry-on or lose articles.
- Do not leave valuables or personal belongings unattended. Show common courtesy to fellow park guests and park employees.
- Please walk. Do not run.
- Please do not sit or climb over fences.
- Adventureland management and its staff will not be responsible for Lost or misplaced items Any liability resulting from non-compliance of rules and policies.

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